Our Values and Philosophy

At Byteways, we always put our human core values behind any business decision we make.

We believe that our success lies in creating the atmosphere of trust, integrity and high professionalism - qualities essential to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers.

Personal Attention

We pride ourselves in giving a lot of personal attention to each customer.

We realize that many business owners may feel "intimidated" by the Internet and computer technology. We want to make them feel comfortable, so right from the start of our relationship we speak in the customer's terms, not in a computer lingo. We believe that only by seeing the problem through the customer's eyes it is possible to create an intuitive, easy to use solution which would delight the customer.

Technical Excellence

Our team consists of computer industry professionals with lots of experience.
This is why we often see more than one, straightforward, way to solve the customer's problem. We do not rush into coding before we explore all the alternatives and make sure the customer gets the best, most economical and future-safe solution, which will be easily extensible and manageable.

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